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Enhancing Staff Competence: Delivering Excellent Customer Services

Implementing the right strategies when running a health care business is crucial, especially if you want to build brand credibility. You need to ensure your business focus more on delivering excellent customer care instead of generating revenue for your business. Indeed, making more money help company owners assure business survival. However, you need to remind

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Using Real-life Situations as Learning Experiences for Your Kids

All parents raise their kids in different ways. Some prefer a more authoritarian approach when disciplining their children, which is heavily reliant on giving rewards and punishments. And some do the complete opposite of being authoritative — those who practice the progressive parenting style. It’s the 21st century; parents should explore other ways to teach

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Innovation in Uncertain Times: Keeping Remote Teams Creative

Creativity is a tricky thing to master, especially in business. When inspiration goes, discipline steps in to fill the gaps. When discipline, however, won’t cut it due to the emotional turmoil brought by the pandemic, then you’ve got a team that’s unproductive and demotivated. Who can blame them, though? The global health crisis has various

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Raising Active Children: How To Encourage It

It’s a common complaint nowadays that many children are always doing nothing or are stuck in front of screens. But it is not completely the fault of the devices. Parents should be taking steps to encourage children to lead more active lives so that they can be healthier. Here are some helpful tips on how

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How Parents Can Teach Kids About Positive Body Image

Children can experience skewed body image even before they hit ten years old. In a 2018 study by the University of Melbourne, kids can begin struggling with seeing their bodies as early as eight to nine years old as their hormone levels increase. While parents can help their children promote body positivity, they need not

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The Importance of the Employer-apprentice Relationship

Apprenticeship is offered across all sectors to people who want to learn. The program provides real-world experiences to young professionals who are entering the workforce for the first time, expanding their skill set to climb the corporate ladder or want to switch careers. It is a way for individuals to be exposed and work to

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What Fishing Can Teach Your Child

Fishing is a hobby more typically associated with older adults. There is a lot of waiting involved in the activity which, often, does not suit children who desire excitement. Watching a superhero movie or playing video games is a lot more fun than sitting on the bank of a river on a weekend morning, waiting

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The Connection Between Parenting and Arts & Media

We’re living in a world where anyone with a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection can easily access all sorts of data, information, and media, including children. When the pandemic stuck, it somehow cemented the internet’s importance to everyday life as almost everything took place online. Remote work and Zoom meetings became the new

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How to Let Your Kids Chart Their Own Paths

How much do you trust your kids? Do you trust them to choose the college course they want to take and pursue their childhood dreams? Have you ever belittled what and who they want to be in the future? Relax and let them be. If you trust the person that you molded them to be,

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