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Parent-Child Play Across Different Cultures and Its Impact on Child Development

Children, starting from when they are born to their toddler years, have one language in common worldwide—play. Play nurtures every child’s extraordinary potential that it’s considered a birthright for all children. From physical activities (such as jumping, running, dancing, and climbing) to symbolic ones (such as speaking, writing, singing), play has lasting effects that foster

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How the Pandemic Is Changing International Education

As learning institutions reopen and students consider their choices, some students cannot wait to get back to school so that they can graduate and choose the best schools offering international baccalaureate diploma programs (IBDP). But the IB program is also affected, and many IB schools had to cancel the year-end examinations. Many students are still

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Redefining the Relationship: Parenting Adult Children

Parenting is the one job that never ends. No matter how young or old your children are, they will always be your first concern. As children grow, what they need from their parents can change as well. This is generally difficult for both the child and the parent to navigate. Parents have such high hopes

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Take Your Work Outside: Creating an Outdoor Home Working Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives from how we dress to how we perform our daily routines. Some companies have shifted into a work-from-home model for an indefinite period, as such a setup is seen to have plenty of financial benefits. But work-from-home employees aren’t exactly getting the work-life balance they’re dreaming of. With

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Strengthening Relationships in the Comfort of Your Home

  Social distancing is still upon us, even in countries that have maintained zero COVID-19 cases. The words "stay at home" are still echoing in the news and on social media. Because of this, some employees remain to work from home, and students subject to online classes. Unless important, people should stay at home. Because

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Simple Ways to Unplug from Your Work-from-Home Setup

Work-from-home and homeschool setups have become quite the norm these days. But while it has a lot of advantages, there are also drawbacks involved in it. If you manage your time well, you can take advantage of the opportunity and start taking an online business administration or management course or other career and personality development courses

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Why the Future Depends on Young People’s Entrepreneurial Skills

The latest statistics show that there are over 1.8 billion young people in the world. Those between 10 and 14 years old account for 602,054,000, while those 15 to 19 years old comprise 606,144,000 of the world’s population. Add the 606,816,000 people aged between 20 and 24 years old, and that brings the total number

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How to Throw a Housewarming Party without Breaking the Bank

So your new home is finally finished and you’re ready to move in. The boxes have been unpacked and everything is ready for you and your family. The next logical step is to throw a housewarming party. After all, you want to show your new digs to your friends and neighbors. It’s also a great

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Ways to Make Time for Your Hobbies While Working

Many working adults have little time to spare for hobbies, and often only get the chance to do so when they retire. It’s doesn’t have to be the same for you. Despite your busy schedule, here’s how you can find and make time for your passions. With a full-time job on top of other life

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