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The Importance of the Employer-apprentice Relationship

Apprenticeship is offered across all sectors to people who want to learn. The program provides real-world experiences to young professionals who are entering the workforce for the first time, expanding their skill set to climb the corporate ladder or want to switch careers. It is a way for individuals to be exposed and work to

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What Fishing Can Teach Your Child

Fishing is a hobby more typically associated with older adults. There is a lot of waiting involved in the activity which, often, does not suit children who desire excitement. Watching a superhero movie or playing video games is a lot more fun than sitting on the bank of a river on a weekend morning, waiting

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The Connection Between Parenting and Arts & Media

We’re living in a world where anyone with a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection can easily access all sorts of data, information, and media, including children. When the pandemic stuck, it somehow cemented the internet’s importance to everyday life as almost everything took place online. Remote work and Zoom meetings became the new

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How to Let Your Kids Chart Their Own Paths

How much do you trust your kids? Do you trust them to choose the college course they want to take and pursue their childhood dreams? Have you ever belittled what and who they want to be in the future? Relax and let them be. If you trust the person that you molded them to be,

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You Can Actively Shape Your Child’s Future

Every parent has his own unique parenting style, and while they all have their quirks and advantages, the one universal truth to parenting is that you actively shape your child’s future. Therefore, all the things you decide to do now will ultimately affect your child one way or another, even if you didn’t intend to

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The Benefits of Sending Your Kids to a Boarding School

Singapore is considered one of the most competitive countries in Southeast Asia. It boasts a robust education system, a strong and steady economy, and an array of well-known tourist spots. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not facing problems. One of its most significant issues is the declining rates of fertility. In 2020, it experienced

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Online Dating for Teens: What Every Parent Should Know

Kids and teens are the most curious creatures. If you give them a smartphone, it will only take them a few minutes to navigate each app and website. In a survey of media use among children by Common Sense Media, 53% of children and 84% of teens in the United States own a smartphone. These statistics prove

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A Progressive Move: How to Prepare Your Family’s Move to a New Home?

Americans move from home to home quite often. A study has found that 40 million Americans move every year. That’s equal to 13% of Americans in the US. Many move to another location, but still within the country. Only very few Americans move abroad. Moreover, they move for a variety of reasons, one of which is to

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Parent-Child Play Across Different Cultures and Its Impact on Child Development

Children, starting from when they are born to their toddler years, have one language in common worldwide—play. Play nurtures every child’s extraordinary potential that it’s considered a birthright for all children. From physical activities (such as jumping, running, dancing, and climbing) to symbolic ones (such as speaking, writing, singing), play has lasting effects that foster

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How the Pandemic Is Changing International Education

As learning institutions reopen and students consider their choices, some students cannot wait to get back to school so that they can graduate and choose the best schools offering international baccalaureate diploma programs (IBDP). But the IB program is also affected, and many IB schools had to cancel the year-end examinations. Many students are still

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